Shipping and Returns

Shipment of your parcel

Packages are typically dispatched within 2 days of receipt of payment and shipped via a shipping company of your choice, with tracking and delivery. If you prefer weekend delivery, an additional fee will apply, so please contact us before choosing this method. Regardless of which shipment you choose, we will provide you with a link to track your shipment online.

Shipping fees include handling and packaging fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, while shipping fees vary based on the total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group the products in one order. We cannot group two separate orders placed separately, and shipping charges will apply to each. You ship at your own risk, but we do our best to protect fragile items.


It is necessary to complete and return the withdrawal form and return undamaged goods.

Withdrawal from the purchase against the receipt requires the return of the receipt together with the goods, so in the event of loss of the receipt, it is required to send a scan of the "Declaration of loss of the receipt".

Withdrawal from the purchase made on a VAT invoice - you will receive an invoice correction by e-mail and a statement of receipt of the correction, sending the confirmation of receipt of the correction by e-mail is the basis for a refund of the paid value of the goods.

Confirmation content:

I hereby confirm receipt of correction number: ................................

Correction issue date: ..............................

This message confirms that the correction has been sent.

By confirming receipt of the correction, the recipient of the correction also declares that the conditions for reducing the tax base specified in the correcting invoice have been agreed with him. Due to the change in tax regulations introduced on January 1, 2013, I remove the obligation to affix the company's stamp and signature on the correction of the invoice, we send you the correction in the attachment. LEGAL BASIS: art. 29a sec. 13, 15 point 4, art. 106e of the Act of March 11, 2004 on tax on goods and services.

To complete the withdrawal procedure, it is necessary to send a completed and signed message (with the company name and NIP number) to the address, which is acceptance of the correction. After sending us a set of completed documents, the money will be refunded to the indicated account (when buying on delivery).


Please contact us regarding a complaint before disassembly of parts and their shipment. Tel. 666 352 126 mail

Complaint decisions are made on the basis of consultations with representatives of the foreign parts manufacturer, so they may last more than 14 days.


Complaints about shock absorbers:

In the absence of damping - it is necessary to confirm the malfunction of the shock absorber by obtaining a diagram from a diagnostic station.

If a shock absorber leak is found - it is necessary to take a photo/video of the leak site + photo of the shock absorber body with the serial number stamped on it.

In the case of a complaint about the bushing of the shock absorber - a video showing the problem with the bushing is necessary (the warranty on the bushings is 1 year).

Suspension spring complaints:

In the case of incorrect inclination/height of the vehicle, in the absence of visible mechanical damage to the springs, it is required to provide photos of the car standing on an even and flat surface, the photos must cover the sides and the front and rear of the vehicle. The car must be visible in such a way that the difference in height is visible. We can ask for additional photo documentation showing the elements aggravating the car. When making a complaint, you may also need the dimensions of the height of the car, measured from the wheel axis to the factory wheel arch.